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The contracts secured with the services has resulted in an exciting new business opportunity for locally based Management franchisee's. Please click to find out more.

There are limited locations available so don't delay to avoid disappointment.

We can offer our unique gantry style cleaning service on a mobile basis. We will come out to your depot and scrub clean your fleet.

Click here for estimated wash volumes and rates charged.

UK Truck Clean is a part of the EuroTruckWash Network allowing you to make use of any site across the UK with the added convienence of using your fuel card for payment.

In addition you can control the numbers of times the vehicle is washed regardless of where it is washed.

You Can Wash Your Own Fleet

Mobile Brush Wash Machine

If a customer has the relevant wash bay facilities which include the following:

i) Relevant Water Interception
ii) Tarmac/ Concrete/ Block Pavement Flooring
iii) The Staff to operate the brush wash

Then we can either sell or rent one of our machines.


To Buy

Each machine is made to measure to accommodate each customer needs.

Base model with petrol Honda pull start power pack:
Wash Height Price
3.1 Metres/ 10 feet 4 inches £10,500
3.3 Metres/ 11 feet £10,550
3.5 Metres/ 11 feet 9 inches £10,600
3.7 Metres/ 12 feet 4 inches £10,650
3.9 Metres/ 13 feet £10,700
4.1 Metres/ 13 feet 9 inches £10,750
4.3 Metres/ 14 feet 4 inches £10,800
4.7 Metres/ 15 feet 9 inches £10,900
4.9 Metres/ 16 feet 4 inches £10,950

Additional feature available is Diesel Key Start power pack 500 extra.

Built in pressure wash which is capable of applying soap at low pressure and blasting off on high pressure 400 extra.

This comes on an 8 metre hose reel which is sprung loaded.

We build the units within the UK and are constructed from a stainless steel base with aluminum supports.

We have designed the unit to withstand years of washing in any weather conditions.



To Lease

You can also lease this equipment.

The pricing is as follows:
Brush Type Minimum Term Price Per Day
Base model any height 12 months £20
with pressure washer 12 months £22
Diesel Key Start any height 12 months £25
with pressure washer 12 months £27

Each wash takes no longer than 10 minutes therefore 40 washes per day (8 hour shift) can easily be achieved. Delivery charge of 400 which includes extensive on site training. 3 months rent taken at deposit. All detergents used with the brush wash must be purchased from UK Truck Clean to guarantee Warranty Cover.

Typical cost per wash 50 pence (detergent and fuel).